Brad Schmidt

Host of The Schmidt Show

Brad Schmidt has a deep desire and a passion to help those around him break down and understand politics in a clear, concise, and civil way. He loves debate, and has worked since 2014 in terrestrial radio to dig deep and present the truth inviting anyone who dares to challenge him. Brad is a jack-of-all-trades. He's been a trucker, a pastor and just about everything in between. Brad has never shyed away from hard work. Starting in his teen years working his best friend's cattle farm to working his way through college as a tech support specialist; Brad's life experiences have given him an incredibly wide breadth of knowledge on a variety of disciplines. Brad has been married since 1996 and is the father of 2 kids. Outside of work, Brad is avid supporter of the 2nd amendment which has led him to one of his favorite hobbies, trap-shooting. All this combines to make Brad a compelling host who can not only speak to a wide variety of topics but also someone who can relate to just about anyone in a real way.

Brad Schmidt has hosted 64 Episodes.