Episode 37

William Barr and What's Next


May 6th, 2019

58 mins 49 secs

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The Mueller Report has been released. William Barr has testified. What happens next? We'll talk about the tmeline that got us here and look at what the future may hold today on The Schmidt Show Podcast. If you are looking for a passionate and engaging look at politics with a side order of not taking ourselves to seriously you are gonna love The Schmidt Show.

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  • Timeline: Barr, Mueller and the Trump Probe — Barr delivered closely watched testimony on Capitol Hill to defend his decisions with the report involving President Trump, while new details have emerged about the private interactions between the attorney general and special counsel.
  • William Barr's Inconvenient Facts — Another day, another overhyped “bombshell” story related to the Russia inquiry. Like clockwork, a selective leak from the Office of Special Counsel to The Washington Post on Tuesday night detailed a letter that Robert Mueller sent to Attorney General William Barr after he sent his four-page Mueller report summary letter to Congress on March 24.
  • Barr confirms ‘multiple criminal investigations’ in to leaks — In his first congressional appearance since the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report on his investigation into Russian election interference, Attorney General William Barr told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that his department is actively looking for officials who made unauthorized leaks to the media.
  • The fate of American justice lies with William Barr — The newly sworn in attorney general, William Barr, is out there right now contemplating the level of response required to move forward.  Is he inclined to do the bare minimum to sweep this whole thing under the rug, or is he the man of integrity we've heard many proclaim him to be?  The level of impact of his future actions cannot be understated. 
  • William Barr Reviewing Steele Dossier — Attorney General William Barr said during his Wednesday congressional testimony that he is “reviewing” the question of whether the infamous Steele dossier was part of a Russian disinformation campaign.
  • Trump: 'Mueller should not testify' — President Donald Trump said on Sunday that Robert Mueller “should not testify” before Congress, hours after a Democratic lawmaker confirmed that the House Judiciary Committee was still seeking to schedule a hearing with the special counsel for later this month.
  • Bill & Hillary Clinton Book Tour Prices Slashed — A winter-long hiatus has not improved demand for tickets to Bill and Hillary Clinton's joint "book tour," and seats can be had for the pair's final performances for less than $10.
  • Joe Biden for President 2020 — Uncle Joe is back and ready to take a hands-on approach to America’s problems! Joe Biden has a good feel for the American people and knows exactly what they really want deep down. He’s happy to open up and reveal himself to voters and will give a pounding to anybody who gets in his way!