James Peppe

Special guest

James Peppe – his closest friends just call him Pep – is a regular American, NOT a professional politician or wealthy celebrity. He is a small business owner, licensed financial investment adviser and father to four wonderful children.
Upon his graduation from Yale in 1988, James Peppe served an internship on Capitol Hill in the Congressional office of Minnesota Representative Bill Frenzel. Within days he found himself writing floor speeches and drafting responses to constituent inquiries, as well as supporting the Congressman’s work on the National Economic Commission. Frenzel would quickly become an important role model and mentor as Peppe discovered a passion for public service.

From there, Peppe would go on to serve in various capacities for U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz, Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson and two Minnesota Senate Minority Leaders.

In 1992 Peppe was recruited to run for the Minnesota Senate and lost by one-percent to an entrenched, long-time incumbent who had not received less than 60% of the vote in previous races. That taste of conventional politics was both eye-opening and disillusioning to Peppe and, soon thereafter, he decided against a career in politics.

Following his first entrepreneurial experience operating an independent media and public relations consulting firm, Peppe accepted a position as Regional Manager at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), where he worked as an advocate for manufacturing companies and the millions of employees and families that depend upon their success. This role, which would last for 11 years and bring him to his new home in Houston, Texas, offered Peppe the opportunity to satisfy his passion for meaningful service while providing for the needs of his young and growing family.

In recent years Peppe has returned to the private sector, working as a licensed investment adviser helping people plan for retirement while establishing and acquiring new small businesses.

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